Writing Workshops

The following sample of Springboard Writing Workshops contains examples from the 9th grade in 3 modes: Expository Writing, Persuasive/Argumentative Writing and Response to Literary or Expository Text.

SpringBoard instruction in writing is addressed in two integrated ways: through project-based, scaffolded writing assessments and through SpringBoard Writing Workshops. Our Writing Workshops offer teachers and students guided experiences in specific rhetorical and grammar and usage skills, emphasizing practice and mastery of specific writing modes. Writing Workshops are designed to offer additional direct writing instruction to support and extend mastery of the writing process and commonly assessed written products. Each workshop guides students through the writing of three separate texts in the specific mode being taught: one that is constructed as a class with direct guidance from the teacher, one that is peer constructed with teacher support and one that is written independently.

Ten different writing workshops are available online for each grade level from grades 6 through Senior English. The workshops for each level cover the following writing modes:

The SpringBoard Writing Workshops are closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards. These workshops help prepare students to write well in a variety of writing modes that are key to college readiness and to success on high stakes assessments including AP® and SAT®.